Lashes & Cosmetics Eyelash Extension Glue | Stays-on-glue- Hypoallergenic | .95 Fl.oz No Burn and Odor Free | Lasts for Weeks | Can Be Used with Any Lashes

Apply eyelash extensions with Stays-On-Glue for long lasting beautiful results. Can be used with any lashes. Stays-On-Glue features new glue technology which allows eyelash extensions to stay on longer and give better results than other glues. Also, unlike other eyelash extension glues, Stays-On-Glue does not burn or irritate the eyes. Stays-On-Glue eyelash extension glue is easy to use and will not harm natural eyelashes. Another great feature of Stays-On-Glue is the glue will not dry inside of the bottle. With over fifty sets of eyelash applications in each Stays-On-Glue bottle you will be sure your eyelash extension glue will last a long time. Waterproof and has a fine tip for applying on strip lashes, Can be used with any type of lash. Stays-On-Glue packaging is designed to be air tight and the glue will not dry inside of the bottle. Comes with a four different look sheet to give you the most desirable looks or create your own. Detailed instruction included and a pink micro brush for easy application. The best part of all, eyelash extensions applied with Stays-On-Glue will last for weeks so your eyes will remain beautiful day after day. Hypoallergenic for the most sensitive eyes.
What you will receive:
Stay's On Glue bottle
3 Micro Brushes
Lash Ring Client sheet to choose lash type side one/ Instruction sheet on the back showing how to create lash looks